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Is a Writers’ Group Right for You?

Whether you developed a love of writing as a child or are only beginning to think about putting pen to paper in your adult years, once you have the bug it’s impossible to shake.

We all have different motivations for wanting to write. You may have an interesting life-story or family history. Maybe you've become quite an expert at something and would like to share your knowledge, or you might be a story-teller or poet.

Regardless of our reasons, one of the best feelings is knowing that there are other like-minded people out there who are in the same position as we are.

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This is where writers’ groups come in. A writers’ group can meet weekly, fortnightly or monthly and the main aim of getting together is to support each other in our writing journey.

I've been privileged to be a part of several different writers’ groups here in South Australia. It began with a casual conversation I had with a friend who is also a writer. We were talking about how it’s good to receive constructive feedback on our work. One thing led to another and we decided to set up a group. With the support of our local paper, we put the call out for other writers to come along and join us. That group, ‘Adelaide Plains Chapter & Verse,’ is still going strong.

After moving to the Barossa Valley I began the search for another group to join. The only one in the area at the time met on days that didn't suit me because of my work, so I set about creating a new group. Once again I called on local media and placed notices on community noticeboards, and soon the group, ‘Rustic Writers’ was born.

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The Rustic Writers group meets fortnightly and is a mix of people of all ages, cultures and motivations. We practice writing exercise which we then share and critique and set homework challenges. We also share ideas and information. The good thing about this particular group is that everyone has a voice, no question is silly and no-one has to feel self-conscious about their work. Those with more experience support those with less.

If you would like to meet and share your love of writing with others, why not consider looking for a local writing group and if you can’t find one – start one!

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