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Posted 2014-08-14 by Catherine Van Bergenfollow
Just some of the latest political titles available

If you have browsed your local bookstore lately, you may have noticed an unusual number of books written by, about or with, politicians from the Australian government. For some reason or other, the powers that be have decided that it isn’t enough to have politicians spouting their views on the nightly news or in the newspapers-we now have the ‘opportunity’ to read about their lives, their political values and whatever else they deem important enough to immortalise in the pages of a book. International politicians are even joining the bandwagon, with the UK’s Gordon Brown and US senator Hilary Clinton joining the list of wannabe biographers.

Current politicians aren’t the only ones doing the rounds- former Australian Prime Minister John Howard (who has already penned his own autobiography) will be releasing a book about the life of our longest-serving Prime Minister Robert Menzies (which is due to be released in October). Late September will also see the release of an autobiography by our very first female Prime Minister- Julia Gillard.

But do we want to read these books? Is anybody (besides their own family) really interested in the lives of the politicians who squabble like school children yet rule our government? Do you think these books are interesting? Are some of the scandals that could potentially be reported enough to pique your interest? Or are these political memoirs more likely to end up on the bargain bin table?


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