Three Odd Comics

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Here are three odd comics for your enjoyment. You can find them all on Comixology .

Black Ghost Apple Factory

Black Ghost Apple Factory

Black Ghost Apple Factory is a collection of mini comics by Jeremy Tinder, the author of Cry Yourself to Sleep. They are for people with an odd, bleak sense of humour. Definitely not for kids, since it features strong language, sexual references, and someone getting his face eaten by a bear. The black and white art reminds me a little of Ren and Stimpy, and Adventure Time.

From Black Ghost Apple Factory by Jeremy Tinder.

The first comic does explain the title- well, sort of. Far be it from me to spoil it for you.

Published: 2006

Waterwise by Joel Orff

Waterwise is the creation of Joel Orff, author and illustrator of Sturm and Drang: Great Moments in Rock 'N' Roll and Thunderhead Underground Falls.

I picked it up because of the interesting cover art. The freaky fish turned out to be a childhood drawing by the main characters, Jim and Emily, who drew themselves as fish, as you do. Years later, Emily is recently divorced and Jim has just broken up with his girlfriend when the two happen to meet up again. They chat about old times, sharing stories through a series of flashbacks and visual metaphors.

The richly detailed illustrations use a lot of black and look almost like wood or lino cuts, which I loved. There isn't much of a story, just a sweet, melancholy vignette about two friends spending a night together (not in a sexy way) before returning to their real lives.

Published: 2004

Little Paintings by James Kochalka

James Kochalka, creator of Monkey vs. Robot, Dragon Puncher and American Elf: The Sketchbook Diaries, started doing tiny little (about 10cm square) paintings to sell at conventions. He got really into it, and had actual gallery shows of his tiny art.

This book collects the best of his work from between 2001 and 2007. They're presented at actual size, with six paintings to a page, so even though it's not really a comic you can sort of read it like one. There's no story, just a lot of fun little illustrations, with subjects including landscapes, cats, elves and robots.

Published: 2008


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