Three Books About Famous Internet Pugs

Three Books About Famous Internet Pugs

Posted 2017-02-14 by Catherine Van Bergenfollow

Dogs, like most animals, come in a diverse range of breeds, along with a diverse range of physical qualities.

Depending on your canine preferences, it isn’t difficult to find the perfect dog for you- be it big, small, shorthair, longhair, no hair, squat, lean, active, lazy, young or old.

But there are a few dog breeds that tend to garner more attention than others, making them stand out among some of the less common or well-known varieties.

A few years ago, chihuahuas were all the rage, thanks to Paris Hilton and the world’s ridiculous fascination with her life. Labradors have always held a soft spot for most people due to their prominence in guide dog work (and the cute Cottonelle Kleenex toilet paper ads featuring a labrador puppy). Some pitbull breeds have maintained a fearsome and misunderstood reputation due to the actions of their owners and the aggressiveness that they have displayed in the past. And greyhounds have recently been in the news because of dog racing and the on-again/off-again debate about whether it should be allowed to continue.

But for some reason, pugs have recently taken over and have become on trend. Shops like Typo (from The Cotton On Group) and the internet have adopted pugs as the ultimate accessory. Lately, you can’t go into a store without seeing a pug-themed coffee mug or a notebook adorned with the squash-faced, crinkle-browed breed with shiny big brown eyes and squat tan body.

I’m not quite sure what the appeal is. Sure they have a cutesy yet ugly little face (which sort of outweighs the obvious respiratory problems this breed often suffers from), and the word ‘pug’ is quite versatile for marketing purposes (‘pug-life’, ‘pug-accino’). They also seem to be the most dressed-up breed on the internet (easy to manipulate into photos?), in comparison to, say, a German shepherd or other larger, furrier breed.

But the appeal is there, and as such, their popularity has sky-rocketed. The following books have capitalised on this pug-loving trend…

Doug The Pug – Leslie Mosier

Probably the most famous of all the internet pugs, Doug has a strong following on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter, and even has his own official online merchandise store. He can now add a book to his line of achievements. This book features pictures of the ‘king of the internet’, taken by his owner Leslie Mosier, who adopted him when he was a puppy. Most of the photos are separated into categories (for example, chilling out, on the road, pug life, all dressed up…) and feature him in some sort of costume or pose, with an appropriately linked speech bubble added. To prove how ‘famous’ he is, there are even photos of Doug taken with celebrities including Ed Sheeran and Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler. Definitely one for fans of this famous little pug!

Rating: 3/5
Published: September 2016

Loulou The Pug

Being the only female in this trio of dogs doesn’t lessen Loulou’s chances of costume humiliation, as you will see when you flick through this book. While the concept for this book is the same as the others, the photos seem more stylised, with plain-coloured or patterned backgrounds emphasising her doggy poses. This pug is particularly good at staring straight at the camera with those big brown eyes, eliciting ‘aww’ responses from those who turn the pages.

Rating: 3/5
Published: November 2016


Featuring Perth-based Homer Pugalicious (the only Australian pug in the mix), this book highlights the dog’s passions for food and naps (much the same as the others, I guess). Also featuring captions and ridiculous costumes, this book is similar to the others, although the photos are more ‘natural’, without staged backgrounds. With a smaller social-media fanbase than the other two, Pugalicious’ book isn’t as well put together, and some of the photo outfits do repeat themselves, but any fans of the dog will be sure to ignore this little fact in favour of his quirky style.

Rating: 3/5
Published: November 2016


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