The Bogan Bible by Pauly Fenech

The Bogan Bible by Pauly Fenech

Posted 2017-12-22 by Catherine Van Bergenfollow

Chances are that if you have grown up in Australia, you are 99% likely to have met a bogan, seen a bogan, or even been classed as a bogan.

Known for their over-patriotic attitudes, and anti-authoritarian stances, these mullet, ugg-boot and flannelette-sporting Australians can be found in every corner of the country (usually in the lower socio-economic areas), and are iconic members of Australia’s populace.

So it is fitting that Pauly Fenech- best known as the creator of SBS’s Fat Pizza, Housos, and Bogan Hunters- has put together a ‘bible’ that salutes these outrageous Australian characters that we all know and love.

Considered an expert in the field- most of the characters in his shows are, of course, bogans- Pauly gives a detailed account of just what makes a bogan. Opening with an introduction that defines the term ‘bogan’, he then lists all of the essential qualities that ensure a person’s boganicity, including appearance, pets, language and inventions specific to the tastes of a true bogan. He highlights the Bogan Ten Commandments (a set of guidelines that all bogans should follow for a peaceful existence), and lists relevant celebrity icons and landmarks.

Everything is covered in this book- he even features an ‘employment’ guide, and a model for selecting baby names. If, after reading through this book, you are unsure of just how bogan you are (or if you are in denial) there is a handy quiz at the back to help you determine just how much you embrace the bogan culture. You may be surprised at the results.

This is a fun, sometimes slightly-offensive look at the histories and mysteries of bogan culture, created by the world’s foremost Boganologist- and obviously the best man for the job. If you know a bogan, or are a fan of Pauly Fenech and his brand of humour, then you are sure to love this latest offering from him and his crew.

Rating: 4/5
Published: November 2017


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