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Everyone loves a Search and Find book- there’s nothing better than turning each page, searching the busy-looking landscape and checking things off a list as you find them.

Below are two that are Easter-themed, created by the talented Louis Shea. With over 500 things to spot, children (and adults) are guaranteed to have hours of fun looking for not only the main individuals in the story, but a whole range of other items and characters…

Where’s The Easter Bunny?

It’s nearly Easter time and there’s a lot of work to be done. Easter Bunny still needs to head down into the magic burrows and collect the ingredients he needs to make some delicious treats, and Marshmallow, Twitch and Pearl (his nieces and nephew) want to help! But when greedy Foxy sees the bunnies and decides he wants to steal their chocolate, everything goes wrong. Suddenly Easter Bunny has disappeared and it’s up to the younger bunnies and EB’s helper hen Mrs Featherbottom to find him and get all the Easter orders finished. Will they succeed?

Rating: 4/5
Published: March 2015

Where’s The Easter Bunny? Around The World

Greedy Foxy has tricked all the animals into stealing the Easter Bunny’s special egg-making secrets, so that he can have all of the chocolate for himself! But when EB catches them in the act, they disappear to all corners of the globe. Help EB as he chases the naughty animals around the world- from the Amazon to Paris, from Easter Island to England, and everywhere in between. Will EB get his secret recipes back in time or will Foxy spoil everything?

Rating: 4/5
Published: March 2018


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