Play Like A Girl series by Jo Stanley

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Women’s football has really made inroads over the last few years.

With the introduction of the AFLW at the start of 2017 and the new inclusion of two more teams in the competition from 2019, more and more women and girls are participating in the sport.

Following on this popularity, and enticing younger generations to get involved, several books have been released which celebrate women’s football- notably, a new series for younger readers Play Like A Girl. Produced in partnership with the AFLW, this series (of which four books have been printed so far), follow the lives of the Milsborough West Flyers girls’ team- a primary school age club that plays in a girl’s football competition. These books- written by radio breakfast show co-host Jo Stanley- focus on six of the girls, and their passion for football, as well as their general school, family and social lives. While some of them go to school together, and others come from different social or cultural backgrounds, they all have their love of football in common.

Primary age students who love the game, or are interested in getting involved, are likely to enjoy this new series, with its relatable characters and football-orientated storylines.

Bring It On! (Book #1)

Sarah is the new girl in school who loves surfing. But with no beaches nearby, she has to find a new sporting option. When she learns about the Flyers football team, she’s excited to try out. But will she be good enough to join the team?

Dream Team! (Book #2)

Hahn and Rainbow are great friends and teammates, even though their lives are worlds apart. When the chance to become captain of the Flyers opens, both girls are in the running for the position. Who will win? And will this cement or destroy their friendship?

Totally Epic! (Book #3)

The Flyers are holding a fundraising disco and everyone’s excited, especially Rainbow. While getting ready with Lucy, she meets Lucy’s mean cousin Pina. But why is she so mean? And will everything smooth out before the Flyers play in an epic match against the Vampires?

Smashing It! (Book #4)

Lucy is the fastest girl on the team. But when she hits a muddy patch during a game and injures herself, she becomes concerned about missing the upcoming Grand Final. Will she be OK to play in time? Or will she have to pretend she’s alright just to get onto the field?

Rating: 3/5
Published: September 2017


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