No One Likes A Fart by Zoë Foster Blake Illustrated by Adam Nickel

No One Likes A Fart by Zoë Foster Blake Illustrated by Adam Nickel

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Fart is excited to be out in the world.

He wants to meet new people, make new friends
and have fun.

But everyone he approaches is disgusted by his less-than-pleasant aroma.

He just can’t work it out!

He’s a nice guy- he’s friendly and kind- and if they’d only give him a chance, he could be a fantastic very best friend! But the sad truth is, no one likes a fart, no matter how much of a heart it has…

This is an endearing story about one fart’s quest to find friendship in a world full of prejudice and misconceptions. Even though the audience knows what Fart is, they can’t help but feel sorry for him as he is repeatedly rejected by those around him.

This picture story book encourages self-acceptance, and highlights the importance of finding friends that love you for you, as you are. The sweet conclusion sends this message home, and reminds readers both young and old of just how important acceptance and love is in a world where there is so much judgement.

Foster Blake’s text is perfectly complimented by Nickel’s bold illustrations, making this a fantastic picture story book for children. The messages imparted through the storyline are relevant for people of all ages, with Fart a cleverly-created protagonist to get the message across- he represents something that everyone can understand but at the same time, is liked by very few.

Children will love seeing the facial expressions of the people and animals that Fart encounters, and will appreciate the fart jokes that are made throughout the book.

This is a great picture story book with a lot of heart, and well-worth looking into if you want a fun tale that also teaches about acceptance and love.

Rating: 4/5
Published: November 2017


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