Musings with a Cuppa by Earlene Grey

Posted 2014-08-09 by Jennifer Muirheadfollow

Being slightly obsessed with tea, and having written some terrible poems about it myself, I couldn't go past Musings with A Cuppa: The Poetry of Tea. It's a collection of poems about not only tea itself but the beauty of quiet times for reflection and conversation. I liked the use of tea as a metaphor for people- you think it's different types of tea because it's grown in different places and blended differently but it all comes from the same plant. Other highlights for me included a poem adressed to a daughter, and another on why cats are the perfect guests at tea time.

I bought the audiobook which it says is narrated by author. I don't know her real identity, though it sounded a bit like Margaret Atwood, whom I have heard do a bit of voice acting once before. Having authors read their own books is not always a good idea as some of them, frankly, just don't have the chops. The reading was stilted which sometimes made the poems harder to understand and enjoy, so I think it would probably be better as a paper book. Apparently the paper version also has illustrations so that might be another reason to read this book the old fashioned way.

Musings with a Cuppa is quite short, and could easily be enjoyed during the length of a single relaxed cup of tea. The poems have a sort of calming effect, like the drink they are about, making it worth a look if you're in the mood for a casual, feel-good read.


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