Mitch Albom Collection

Mitch Albom Collection

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I really wanted to do a review on a Mitch Albom book, however, when I looked through my collection I simply couldn’t decide which one I wanted to write about. His books are designed to teach us lessons about faith, human relationships and how to live our lives.

The first Mitch Albom book I read was Have a Little Faith. The story centres round Rabbi Albert Lewis who asks Mitch to do his eulogy when the time of his passing came. Albert Lewis had been Mitch Albom’s Rabbi from early childhood. After some consideration he agrees only on the condition that he spends time with Albert to get to know him as a man, rather than just the Rabbi who stands in front of the congregation week after week. The book also introduces us to Henry Covington, a thief and drug addict who when he needs him the most, begs God to save him and in return he will devote his life to God. This is a journey not only about Albert and Henry; it is also a very personal journey for the author. This is a really uplifting story about faith, religion and friendships that form in the most unlikely circumstances.

I continued with The Five People You Meet in Heaven. The story is about Eddie, his last day alive and his first day on his journey to heaven. Awaiting him are five people that he met in his life, five people who were affected in some way by their crossing of paths. The message I felt was that you never really know what impact you have on people you meet, or how a simple word, a small gesture or the briefest crossing of paths can have long lasting effects. It will have you wondering, who are the five people that affected your life in a profound way and more importantly whose life did you affect?

Next was Tuesdays with Morrie. This was his first novel and along the lines of Have a Little Faith. Spending time with Morrie Schwartz and writing about his life before he passed. Morrie was Mitch’s college Professor and had ALS, commonly known as motor neurone disease. It follows Morrie coming to terms with his disease, facing his past and making the most of the time he has left. Along the way he reminds us what the really important things are in life something we all are guilty of forgetting.

Next there was The Time Keeper. I loved this book. The Time Keeper is about time, about how time started and how we live by the hour, the minute, the second. We are always looking at the clock. It is about how we spend time, how we waste time, how we wish time away and how we wish we could get time back. The story is designed to make us all appreciate time and not take it for granted.

I have just purchased The First Phone Call from Heaven, Mitch Albom’s latest release. This is about a town that starts getting phone calls from loved ones who have passed away. This one is waiting for me on the book shelf.

Although this is not a current book, I have left For One More Day until the end as even though I have enjoyed all of his books, for me this one was my favourite. We all have regrets, we have all done things we wish we hadn’t and we all wish we could go back, just for one more day, one more hour, one more moment to say sorry, to say I love you or simply tell someone that they were special. This book goes beyond your imagination and deep into your heart. It makes you face your emotions head on. The story is based on Chick Benetto and his relationship with his mother. As children we never really know how much our mother does for us, how much she sacrifices. We can’t imagine the lengths a mother will go to for her child. After an attempted suicide, Chick is given one more day to spend with his mother who had passed away. It’s not heaven and it’s not life, it’s a place in between. It’s a time where wrongs can be made right and the discovery that a mother’s love has no bounds or limits.

Are you a fan of Mitch Albom and if so which is your favourite book?

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