Little People Big Dreams Series

Little People Big Dreams Series

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In this fast-moving world, where we take a lot of opportunities for granted, it’s important to look back and understand that things weren’t always this way.

In many parts of the world, equality between genders, race and sexuality have been improved -although there is still a long way to go. But it can sometimes be difficult to believe that it was once a whole lot worse and that people had to fight for the rights that many have today. What’s more, so many of these fights happened so long ago that, for younger people, they are just another part of a long-ago history, and are not as readily known about today.

That is where these picture story books come in.

Telling the stories of important figures (so far only women) in history, the Little People, Big Dreams series is beautifully written and illustrated by a variety of different people- all determined to educate and inspire younger children.

Each hardcover book tells the story of a different individual- from their aspirations as a child, through to their achievements in adult life. Whether they were an activist, scientist, designer or performer, each person has contributed in some way to a better life for others, and this determination is evident in their stories. At the end of each book, there is a timeline which features real photos of the person the book is chronicling, with a little bit more information about their achievements. There is also age-appropriate resource information provided for readers who want to learn more about the person afterwards.

This is a fantastic series for younger children who want to learn about outstanding people who have achieved incredible things throughout history. The illustrations in each book are perfectly suited to the stories of each person, and the lessons that are taught through the text are inspiring.

There have been nine books released so far in this series, but I’m sure that there will be many more to follow.

Here is a list of books to date:

Frida Kahlo
Coco Chanel
Maya Angelou
Amelia Earhart
Agatha Christie
Marie Curie
Emmeline Pankhurst
Rosa Parks
Audrey Hepburn

Rating: 3.5/ 5


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