Keeping an eLibrary

Keeping an eLibrary

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Calibre Library for eBooks

Bookworm meets Calibre

Bookworms tend to be avid book collectors, keeping books in stuffed bookshelves bowing under the weight of too many books (Yes, I know there is no such thing as too many books to people like you and me, but others would beg to digress especially if they have to help move you house frequently!).

Library organisation and management can be difficult to maintain with limited shelf space and an ever-expanding volume of books.

This is where Calibre comes in as an eLibrary, loaded with benefits you will not see at your physical bookshelf. If you haven't been bitten by the ebook bug yet, you will be upon seeing how Calibre works.

Readers will appreciate how Calibre allows simple and quick access to their books. Gone are the overladen bookshelves of the past, stuffed so full of books it is impossible to find the book you want within a few seconds.

Even more appreciated is the potential to keep hundreds, if not thousands of books easily. When you own mountains of books and keep adding to your collection, you will find you run out of shelf space fast. Even your bookshelf buying or construction rate usually can't keep up with the rate at which you read or add to your collection!

Calibre lets readers keep an unlimited and neatly organised book library at their fingertips. The library can be sorted in various ways such as by author, series, or genre. Custom sort options in the form of extra metadata are also available for those who have special sorting systems and preferences.

Calibre is particularly useful being able to sort by series for accessing books in their correct chronological order. No chance of grabbing the wrong book by accident and reading a chapter in before realising you've missed the previous book!

There are three major reasons why Calibre is so appealing.

Number one is DRM removal

Digital Restrictions Management (DRM) is designed to control how readers use their ebooks. In theory it is meant to prevent piracy and copyright theft, however in reality it causes frustrating inconveniences for legitimate paying consumers and does nothing to prevent pirates from distributing content.

Book companies use DRM to prevent readers from reading ebooks purchased from them on other devices. For example you can only read DRM protected Kindle ebooks on Kindle devices or in Kindle apps on other devices. It also means consumers do not actually own their ebooks. Publishers can remove access to the ebook at any time they like, or bookstores can close down resulting in consumers losing their ebooks.

All of this makes DRM removal a necessary action for paying consumers to take, to make full use of their ebooks as they would print books. Calibre can remove DRM from ebooks once the DRM Removal plugin is installed.

Number two is conversion

Calibre's conversion engine allows you to convert many different ebook formats into any ebook format you need for your ereaders. For example you can convert a Kindle ebook (.azn format) into a more common ebook format (.epub) and read it on your preferred device or with your preferred ereader app. In addition, font sizes are rescaled by the conversion engine so the ebook is readable regardless of what the original document's font size was.

Number three is wireless

This is a bonus to having an electronic book library! Ebooks and wireless connectivity to your Calibre Library will support your comfy chair habits (laziness). No longer do you have to get up and go browse your bookshelf, you can simply do that on your device and quickly download an eBook to read. Even if you are out and about, you can still access your ebook library via a browser if you have Internet connection on your device. There are a few apps which have inbuilt Calibre support, like Stanza and Marvin.

More information about Calibre can be found here .

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