Into the Water by Paula Hawkins

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From the same author as the hugely popular best-seller book (and later a film by the same name) The Girl on a Train, Into the Water is written in the same thriller mystery genre and if you liked the first you'll no doubt enjoy this. It certainly has the feel of a book that will quickly be made into a film.

The two are very different in a few fundamental ways. Into the Water doesn't really go in depth into any one character, in fact it weaves it's way in between several characters' stories that all eventually intertwine.

Be warned though that it's easy to become confused with the several characters, but stick with it, it all comes together in time.

The book begins with a woman who, following the death of her sister, returns to their childhood town to look after her teenage niece whom she's been estranged from.

While the main character stays in town during the investigation of her sister's death, plenty of old wounds are opened and lots of secrets from within the town come to light. All foccussed around the "Drowning Pool" a historical spot infamous for it's very dark history.

It's certainly a page turner and is an overall eerie read with plenty of twists and turns.

Published:June 2017


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