In Line To The Throne by Tobias Anthony and Jeremy Cassar

In Line To The Throne by Tobias Anthony and Jeremy Cassar

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Whether you’re a republican wannabe or a staunch royalist, there’s no denying that the British royal family is a fascinating study. While there have been many scandals over the years, there have also been, in equal measure, plenty of highlights, making them one of the most recognised (and perhaps relatable) monarchies in the world.

Of course, the ability of the general public to relate to them dramatically downshifts when you consider the wealth and power of these seemingly everyday royals, who do ‘normal’ activities just like us amid their official duties. The differences are even more pronounced when you realise that cute little Prince George may one day be our king (if Australia doesn’t become a republic), rather than just the cheeky-faced little Prince that the paparazzi like to snap for their magazines.

But who else, besides little George and his sister Charlotte, will have the chance at taking the crown in future years? Barring a Game Of Thrones-style revolt, there is a long list of potential candidates waiting their turns, although many of them will never get to that point. In Line To The Throne has made the job easier for people interested in the lineage, by listing the thirty British royals in line after the current queen, Elizabeth II, abdicates.

First of course, is her son, Prince Charles, followed by his son Prince William, and then his two children, George and Charlotte, with Prince Harry closing the top five (provided no more children come into the works). This book not only lists through the royal heirs to the throne, but provides information (most of it true, some of it tongue-in-cheek) about each person. While you may recognise many of the names (Prince Andrew, Princesses Eugenie and Beatrice, Zara Phillips), there are just as many that you probably would have never heard of. Granted, they are so far down the line that they will be unlikely to ever grace the throne but they are still closer than any of us will ever be. Each profile is illustrated by Oslo Davis in his unique style (just look at the cover for an example of his drawings) and features a short introduction and biographical information.

This is an interesting little book and is sure to bring some new-found royal knowledge into your life, regardless of your country leadership beliefs.

Rating: 3/5
Published: June 2016


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