How to Stop Living From Pay to Pay

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This is a timely little book for those who have made a resolution to get their finances under control. Titled ‘How to Stop Living from Pay to Pay (and live the life you want!)’ it’s a cover that doesn’t fail to catch the eye.

I bought this book in 2012 when I was struggling to get ahead with my budget. Although at the time I felt a bit foolish spending money on a book about saving money, the lessons that it lays out make a lot of sense.

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The book is written by a man named Greg Smith, a financial consultant who gives helpful, down-to-earth advice in an easy to digest style. Rather that rabbiting on in a language that frankly would put me to sleep, I found Greg’s easy-going style to be quite entertaining and completely engaging.

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He begins by helping you to assess your money ‘personality’ i.e. why you do what you do with your money. He then proceeds to provide easy-to-use templates for working out your incomings and outgoings, than wraps it all up with strategies for staying focused on your goals.

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This little book really opened my eyes to some new concepts and helped me to re-focus some of the stuff that I already knew. I still pull it out every now and then to keep me on track.

Published: 2007


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