Heartfelt Childrens Books For Christmas

Heartfelt Childrens Books For Christmas

Posted 2017-12-17 by Catherine Van Bergenfollow

These books explore the sweet, family-time side of the Christmas season…

That Christmas Feeling – Lili Wilkinson (Illustrated by Amanda Francey)

Dottie loves Christmas, especially the special, tingly feeling that Christmas brings. Things are different this year, however. Her mum and dad are away, and Dottie, her brother Jem and their dog Shortbread are staying with their grandparents on Christmas Eve.

But although they are trying hard to make everything perfect, her grandparents just aren’t able to keep up the traditions that Dottie is used to. This makes her worried that Santa won’t be able to find them, and that her parents won’t come back in time. Everything that she loves about Christmas (decorating the tree, singing carols and making Christmas pudding) is different, and nothing feels quite right. Will Dottie get that Christmas feeling back?

Featuring cute illustrations, this story is a sweet celebration of family, seasonal traditions, and the Christmas spirit.

Rating: 3.5/ 5
Published: September 2017

Last Stop On The Reindeer Express – Maudie Powell-Tuck (Illustrated by Karl James Mountford)

It’s the last day of school and Mia has made a Christmas card for her daddy. But unfortunately, he lives too far away, and he won’t receive it before Christmas day. Disappointed, Mia wanders through the Christmas Market. But then she discovers a post box that is not like any other she has ever seen- it has no letter slot, just a door, a knob, and the words ‘The Reindeer Express’. Could it be magic? Mia twists the knob, and ends up on a mystical and magical adventure which she will never forget…

This is a sweet tale, complete with peep-through pages and lift-the-flaps, making it quite interactive. Children will enjoy seeing hints of what is coming up on the following pages, and adults will enjoy the sentiments of the storyline.

Rating: 4/5
Published: October 2017

One Christmas Wish – Katherine Rundell (Illustrated by Emily Sutton)

This would have to be one of the most visually misleading Christmas books I have ever come across! Illustrated and created to look like a traditional or classic tale, this book is more modern than you would expect, providing a humorous and heartfelt story that many working families can probably relate to.

It’s Christmas Eve and Theo is left at home with his babysitter, while his parents work. Feeling alone, he decides to get out the old box of Christmas tree baubles and try to cheer himself up. He pulls out four old and damaged decorations- a rocking horse, a tin soldier, an angel and a robin, and hangs them haphazardly on the miserable-looking tree. Then he notices an odd-looking shooting star and decides to wish for some friends to keep him company. Suddenly, the four decorations begin to untangle themselves from the tree and Theo’s magical adventure begins…

Like I mentioned above, this is an extremely humorous and cleverly written story which is sure to resonate with many busy people, and make them reconsider their priorities when it comes to the Christmas season and spending time with the family. If you read this book, you won’t be disappointed.

Rating: 4.5/5
Published: October 2017


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