Greatest Sporting Moustaches

Greatest Sporting Moustaches

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Once again, November is approaching, and with it, Movember, the month-long charity drive that raises awareness and funds for men’s health. This global charity event has grown dramatically- raising more than $650 million since its inception in 2003- and this number is set to rise as more and more people participate in the coming years. While the participants are most often male- growing their upper lip hair to raise funds- women are also encouraged to get involved by creating their own fundraising ideas. For those people who are follically-challenged, or would prefer to take a more backseat approach to the charity, the Movember Foundation also has merchandise that can be purchased, and several companies have joined forces to help provide donations to the cause.

One such company, Affirm Press, have recently released a book, , and $1.50 from every book sold will go towards the Movember Foundation, raising funds for vital men’s health programs. The premise of this little gift book is simple: most of the sporting greats of the world have had a moustache at some time or another, and this is the evidence to prove it. Whether they’re of the big bushy variety a la' Australian ex-cricketer Merv Hughes, whispy and fair like American basketballer Larry Bird or styled and instantly recognisable like Hulk Hogan’s, many of the moustaches featured in this book are sure to raise some eyebrows. There are pointy mo’s, landscaped mo’s, villainous-looking mo’s and barely-there mo’s, but they are all attached to some of the most prominent stars in sporting history, from the early 1900s to now. Cricket, AFL football, rugby, swimming, skiing, soccer, cycling, basketball, and a multitude of other sports are represented, showing that ‘a great filthy moustache’ can change the aerodynamics of the face to recreate a sport superstar.

This book is perfect for fur-face growers, or those who don’t have the ability but would like some inspiration. Some of the photos are quite ridiculous (it’s hard to believe that some of those lip slugs were actually fashionable at the time), but it is great for a laugh, and by purchasing the book, you will be contributing to a worthy cause.

Rating: 3.5/ 5
Published: October 2015


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