Going To School Books For Children

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Starting at school for the first time can be a daunting experience- for children and parents alike!

Here are some books that will hopefully make the transition a little smoother…

Going To School (Usborne First Experiences) – Anne Civardi (Illustrated by Stephen Cartwright)

Usborne have released this book within their First Experiences series, where children are introduced to some of the life-changing situations they are likely to find themselves in during their earlier years. Full of detailed illustrations, children are encouraged to read the top line of each page and study the pictures, while parents or guardians read the more detailed text at the bottom of the page. This helps with the child’s learning experience and allows them to participate in reading the story. In Going To School, twins Percy and Polly Peach are about to start school for the first time. Along with their neighbour Millie, the pair learn, play and make new friends.

Younger children are sure to love looking through the detailed pictures, and will have fun trying to find the little yellow duck on each double page spread.

Rating: 3/5
Published: December 2004

Why I Love School – Illustrated by Daniel Howarth

There are a lot of reasons to love school, and you’ll find a majority of them in this picture story book. Whether it’s because the teacher is nice, because you get to play sports, because you get to put on a school play or because you get to have a special backpack, there are plenty of wonderful things to look forward to when you attend school. The animal characters in this book enjoy all this and more, and, with a space at the back of the book for you to attach your child’s school photo, they too will be able to show just how much they also love school time.

Rating: 3.5/5
Published: November 2017

My First Day At School – Rosie Smith (Illustrated by Bruce Whatley)

This is a very simple picture story book that perfectly encompasses a first day at school, without making it seem too hectic or daunting. Each brightly coloured double page spread features one simple line of text and an illustration of an animal doing said action, whether it be the octopus who is finger painting, or the caterpillar who is dressing himself with a multitude of socks in preparation for his big day.

Children will love the cute animal characters, and parents or guardians will love the sweet and simple explanation of the day’s events.

Rating: 3/5
Published: January 2018

Mum At School – Éric Veillé

This is a different take on the usual ‘first day of school’ story. In this one, the little girl doesn’t want to be left alone in the classroom with all the other boys and girls who are sad that their parents have left them. So, using some ingenious moves, she manages to keep her mum at school. Poor mum then has to participate in all of the classroom activities with her daughter and her peers. But the tasks are a lot more difficult for someone of her size and mum is starting to look miserable. Maybe school would be better without her there?

This is a cute story about some of the separation difficulties parents and children face when starting school for the first time. Although the girl wants her mum to be there, she recognises that perhaps mum is too big for school after all, and is able to let go. This story is relatable and sure to strike a chord with most parents who have clingy children.

Rating: 4/5
Published: December 2017


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