Gift Books For Goat Lovers

Gift Books For Goat Lovers

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When it comes to farmyard animals, there are a lot of firm favourites. From cud-chewing, tail-swishing cows, to neighing, free-spirited horses. From rotund, squealing pigs to woolly, dull-witted sheep. From feathered, egg-laying chooks to loyal, hard-working farm dogs…

When you think about your average ‘Old McDonald’-type farm, these are the animals that instantly spring to mind. Unless, of course, you happen to be a fan of an equally loved but less considered creature- the agile, head-butting goat!

YouTube can provide you with your fix if you want to watch a video featuring goats that jump around parkour-style, scream like humans or wear costumes. But if you’re a goat lover and after something more tangible (besides an actual goat), then the following three gift books may be the way to go…

The Screaming Goat

If you enjoy watching YouTube videos of animal antics, then you are sure to have come across videos of goats screaming in an eerily human-sounding way. Slightly creepy yet highly entertaining, these videos have inspired a small box set, which features a little pocket guide about goats, and a plastic figurine of a goat standing on a tree stump. The best thing about this figurine? When you press down on it, it emits the high-pitched screaming sound that the videos are famous for. Guaranteed to make you laugh, and annoy everyone in your vicinity, this is a great gag gift. The little book features an interesting goat quiz to test your knowledge and ten good reasons why you should press the button and make the goat scream- great fun all round…

Rating: 4/ 5
Published: April 2016

Happy Little Goats – Soraya Hirth

Brisbane-based Soraya Hirth and her family live with several goats, and this little book features a collection of photographs that she has taken of them. You are likely to find these photographs already on her Instagram account- @itsagoatlife- as she posts them up every day, but if you’re after a hardcopy version of them, then this should fit the bill. With cute images and themed captions, this book is a lot like many of the puppy and kitten gift books that you usually find (although obviously the focus here is on goats and kids, rather than felines and canines). The antics of the goats in some of the images are sure to raise a chuckle or two, and if not that, then definitely a smile.

Rating: 3/5
Published: March 2017

Goats Of Anarchy – Leanne Lauricella

It’s amazing how one small event can create a domino effect that ultimately changes your life forever. This is what happened when a former New York career girl fell in love with a couple of baby goats. After relocating to New Jersey with her husband, Leanne Lauricella’s little family grew, as they decided to take on the two male goats mentioned above, who would have been destined for slaughter. Not long after this, three more baby goats joined the family. Before long, Leanne was leaving her event-planning career and raising her goats full time. She started adopting special needs goats, and goats that had been abused- essentially starting her own little rescue sanctuary. Posting photos on her Instagram account- @goatsofanarchy- she was able to reach thousands of followers and create a strong support base for her rescue farm. Now she has released this book, giving a background on all of her little friends, which include 25 goats, 2 pigs, a miniature horse and a miniature donkey. There are plenty of cute and entertaining pictures of the animals, as they play, cuddle and pose in costumes, and it’s obvious through their stories that the bond between Leanne and her animals is strong, despite some of the residual wariness of the previously-abused animals.

This would make the perfect gift for fans of the @goatsofanarchy Instagram account, people that have a deep respect for the work that Leanne Lauricella does, or even just for fans of cute goat photos.

Rating: 3/5
Published: March 2017


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