Fathers Day Gift Books

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Here are a few gift books that you could give to your dad for Father’s Day this year.

Wisdom For Dad- Hugh Weber With Tweets From Dude To Dad And Others

If your dad is a fan of Twitter, or can appreciate the brevity of wisdom in 140 characters or less, then this is the gift book for you. Featuring tweets and little nuggets of wisdom from fathers and members of Dude To Dad (on Twitter), this book is split into four sections- Wisdom, Work, Play and Do Good- and features relevant advice for each topic. Aimed mostly at new dads, or those with younger children, this book provides unique parenting advice such as, ‘Enjoy each day as a precious gift, new dads. In just 4,745 days, you’ll have a teenager’. This book also features little anecdotes that may prove frightening to new parents- ‘I learned to put on diapers with a doll. It would have made more sense to use a professional wrestler or rabid squirrel.’ However long you’ve been a dad, you’re sure to find something to relate to in this Twitter-borne wisdom manual.

Rating: 2.5/5
Published: August 2015

Extremely Embarrassing Dad Jokes – Ian Allen

There are varying degrees of hilarity when it comes to jokes. There’s the good, which provide belly-aching, rip-roaring laughs. There’s the bad, which elicit groans and a few giggles. And then there’s dad jokes- sometimes good, often bad, and usually cheesy to the extreme. Ian Allen could be considered the king of dad jokes- this is his third book dedicated to the craft- and it’s just as predictable as his other two. Full of terrible (or clever, depending on how you look at it) puns, creative humour and humorous facts, this book is guaranteed to be a hit with dads who need some new joking ammunition against their long-suffering children.

Rating: 3/5
Published: August 2015

Like My Father Always Said… - Erin McHugh

Erin McHugh has previously released a similar book to this one, called Like My Mother Always Said… and was overwhelmed at the positive response to its publication. At the time, she was asked if there would also be a ‘father’ version, and lo and behold, there now is. When she put out the call for funny quotes, anecdotes and wisdom from different dad perspectives, she received plenty of material for this book, which looks at life from a father’s viewpoint. Full of humorous statements, gruff advice and instructions on how to fix things (physically and otherwise), you are sure to find something in this book that you can relate to. Maybe your father has said something similar, or holds related ideals to those mentioned in the book? Whatever the case, you’ll probably have a laugh or two over some of the comments, and with most life topics covered, are sure to find some dad wisdom amongst the pages.

Rating: 3.5/5
Published: July 2015


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