Fathers Day Books For Grandfather

Fathers Day Books For Grandfather

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Here are some books celebrating Father’s Day that children can read with their grandfathers.

Why I Love My Grandpa – Illustrated by Daniel Howarth

This cute board book is all about the special relationship between a baby animal and their grandfather. Each explains why they love their Grandpa, whether it be because they tell stories about when they were younger, because they build things, because they teach tricks or because they have fun together. Many of the reasons are very similar to those that feature in most Father’s Day books, and could be applied to a book about dads and their kids just as easily. Grandpa will enjoy spending time with his grandchildren reading this book about what makes him so special and loved.

Rating: 2/5
Published: August 2015

My Pop Is A Pirate – Damon Young (Illustrated by Peter Carnavas)

Just like most people, grandads (or pops) can be very different. They look different, act different, enjoy different activities and exercises, like to eat different foods and even have different ways of snoozing when the day gets tiring. But when your pop is a pirate, everything is especially different… This is a fantastic book that celebrates the diversity of pops all over the world. The illustrations are funny and children will enjoy comparing the different grandads as they go about their days. If you’ve read Damon Young’s previous picture story book, My Nanna Is A Ninja, you may even recognise Nanna lurking on one of the pages with her ninja cat!

Rating: 3.5/5
Published: February 2015

How To Babysit A Grandad – Jean Reagan (Illustrated by Lee Wildish)

When mum and dad go out, grandparents are often the first ones to report for babysitting duty. But what if the tables are turned? What if your grandad comes over and you need to be the babysitter? This sweetly illustrated picture story book gives hints and tips for young babysitters to make the important task of looking after Grandad fun. It gives essential advice on what to feed him, games to play, the best time for naps and how to make the end job of cleaning up toys entertaining. This book celebrates the special relationship between Grandad and his grandchild, and is full of fun for young and old readers alike.

Rating: 3/5
Published: August 2013


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