Fathers Day Books For Blokes

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It can sometimes be difficult to find the perfect Father’s Day present, especially if your dad usually buys what he wants for himself throughout the year. Here are three books that might suit the more blokey dads among us…

Men And Their Sheds – Craig Wetjen

Sheds. Garages. Man Caves. Call them what you will, but it seems that there is no greater place in a man’s life than one of these refuges. A place where they can do their own thing without hassles from the wife, kids, or life in general, the shed is a place for men to unwind, potter around with tools and unfinished projects and do whatever they like, really. These collections of photographs feature 102 different men, and the sheds that they have made their own. Most of them are avid collectors of car memorabilia and signage, and plenty have a car, motorbike or some other vehicle taking centre stage within the space (whether it is finally finished or still being worked on). There is also the usual assortment of screws, bolts, nuts, tools and other junk that you find in every shed. Some have installed minibars within their sheds, where they are able to have a drink and yarn with mates, as well as gaming tables, pool tables and the obligatory ‘centrefold’ girl posters. The paraphernalia in some sheds extends to trophy collections, steam trains and even prize-winning budgerigars.

If you take away anything from reading through this book, it will be how important sheds are for both the physical and mental wellbeing of men all around Australia. If your dad has a shed that he is just as proud of, then this could be the perfect present for him. With a significant percentage of the royalties from this book going to the Australian Men’s Shed Association, your gift will also be contributing to a worthy cause.

Rating: 4/5
Published: August 2016

Man Caves – Jasper White

In a similar vein to the above book, this book features over 50 selected photographs of men’s sheds across Australia. While Man Caves doesn’t have anywhere near the amount of text as Men And Their Sheds (there are no personal stories and no references to the type of person who owns each space), it does feature a broad collection of photographs, along with a short quote (that I assume comes from the owner of the man cave) relating to the image. This book is a lot smaller and ‘brighter’ than the above book, despite the photos featuring similar collections of memorabilia, motor parts and tools. It is also a relatively cheaper alternative if you want to share the man cave photo love without the more expensive price tag.

Rating: 3/5
Published: August 2016

Life Hacks For Dads – Dan Marshall

Everyone loves a good life hack, and I’m sure your dad is no exception. This book lists over a hundred ways for dad to save time and effort while doing a variety of things. Topics include food and drinks, DIY, household, gadgets, health, clothing, and a whole lot more, using some pretty inventive ways to make life simpler. Granted, some of the hacks could be considered dangerous or ill-advised, but this is a humorous book and not intended to be taken seriously- for those who don’t believe me, there is a disclaimer at the beginning of the book stating just that. Using a variety of household objects, such as plastic water bottles, toilet rolls and cable ties, this book is sure to make dad’s life a lot easier- making him look like a champ at the same time- and would be a great addition to any Father’s Day present.

Rating: 3/5
Published: July 2016


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