Easter Books For Kids Part 3

Easter Books For Kids Part 3

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Below are even more Easter titles for you and your children to enjoy.

Easter Egg Hunt – Jack Davidson & Dan Green

If you’re looking for a sweet board book for Easter, with an interactive feature to keep your young child entertained, you need look no further than this little gem. Full of bright and colourful images, this book takes you through Candyland, where you join the Easter egg hunt and help the animals find all the eggs on the pages. When you find one, you have to press the button (one of the wheels on the car), which will make a tweeting sound like a bird. Although it only has a few pages, this book is sure to keep the young ones entertained for quite a while as they count the eggs and listen to the bird tweet. If, however, you have a low tolerance for repetitive sounds, it’s probably best to steer clear…

My Story Of Easter – Karen Williamson

Most Easter books for children these days focus on the Easter bunny and chocolate. Not many retell the story of the first Easter- Jesus and the crucifixion- because many believe it is too brutal for children to know about. They would rather their children learn about new life and the Easter spirit, rather than the story from which it was borne. This little book, in contrast, decides to tackle the Easter story head on, from Palm Sunday to Jesus’ resurrection. The illustrations are extremely cute, and while the story does mention death and treachery (admittedly, it would be difficult to avoid), the retelling is simple and tasteful for young children and their parents. If you want to get a traditional Easter book, but want to avoid old-fashioned-style illustrations and heavy text, then this spiral-bound little picture book is the one for you.

If I Were The Easter Bunny- Louise Gardner

Easter wouldn’t be complete without celebrating a few traditions, and this picture story book covers plenty of ideas for children wanting to have a memorable Easter Day. In If I Were The Easter Bunny, the author lists all the different things that she would do, including having an Easter parade, creating several competitions (happy hopping and an Easter-egg-and-spoon race), bonnet making and yummy picnic lunches. She would also make sure that everyone gets up early so that they can find all the hidden Easter eggs with their friends. This book is perfect for parents who want to get their children involved in fun Easter activities but are stuck for ideas- the bright, cheerful illustrations are sure to provide plenty of inspiration for the day.

Ollie’s Easter Eggs – Olivier Dunrea

Gossie, Gertie, BooBoo and Peedie are all working hard, gathering and dying an egg each so that they can hide it for their Easter egg hunt. But Ollie is watching and waiting, ready to take their eggs and hide them in his own sneaky little egg hunt. As soon as he gets the chance, he rolls the other gosling’s eggs out of their hiding places and puts them in his own. The goslings search everywhere for their eggs- in the grass, in the straw, and even in the water- but they’re nowhere to be found. Where has Ollie hidden them, and will they find them in time for Easter? This cute hardback book features a cheeky (and greedy) little bird named Ollie, and children will love seeing what his antics bring. This book also contains stickers of some of the illustrations, so children can stick their favourite characters wherever they want after they finish reading the story.

The Easter Story – Antonia Jackson & Giuliano Ferri

Following Jesus’ journey, from his entrance to Jerusalem to his resurrection, this children’s book tells the Easter story in its entirety. It doesn’t leave out any of the details- Palm Sunday, the market at the temple, the Passover, the betrayal, the trial, the crucifixion and the resurrection- all are covered in this very Christian book. The illustrations have been done in muted, natural tones, and lend to the seriousness of the story- you won’t find any bright colours or bouncing bunnies here! This book would be perfect for devout followers of the religion, although I don’t think it would appeal to many others.


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