Death and Faxes by Julie S Howlin

Death and Faxes by Julie S Howlin

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When I read the back cover of the book, I kind of thought to myself, this is not something I usually go for so will I enjoy it?
I started the book yesterday and finished today, so I think it's needless to say I definitely enjoyed it.

A little bit about the story - there have been multiple murders and strange happenings going on around London. The police call in help from a psychic who tries to solve these murders. When this psychic suddenly passes away, it is down to her granddaughter Tabitha to take over the psychic reins.

I feel the character Tabitha is definitely someone most of us girls can relate to. She's 23 years old, stuck in a rut in life, has relationship troubles and just seems out of place. Apart from her psychic ability, I for one found it very easy to relate to this character.

I think this book is aimed more at a female audience, just because there are a lot of romantic aspects to it, and the main plot does resolve around female characters, however I'm sure men can appreciate many of the charms this book has to offer too.

Don't let the spiritual aspect of this book put you off, it's not all spells and crystal balls. The story in itself is quite unique and well written - aspects of it actually reminded me of Cecelia Ahern or Helen Fielding's style of writing and story telling, which in my eyes is a bonus!

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed this book, even if I was slightly hesitant at the start. I can't wait to read the next instalment, Glastonbury Swan, and whatever else Julie Howlin has up her sleeve! Very happy with this read!

Rating: 4/5
Published: 2014


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