Cosplay The Fantasy World Of Role Play by Lauren Orsini

Cosplay The Fantasy World Of Role Play by Lauren Orsini

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Comic Con and Sc-Fi fan events are renowned for being frequented by people dressed up in costume to look like their favourite characters. From superhero figures to favourite video game personas, there are often many people roaming the stalls and meeting with their idols, while adopting the characteristics and looks of their chosen hero or villain. The act of adopting these unique portrayals has a name- Cosplay- and is an activity that is practised all over the world. There are even events specifically dedicated to Cosplay, where attendees have the chance to mingle with other fans and win fantastic prizes for their creative efforts. Wearing elaborate costumes, and through the artistic application of makeup, these Cosplayers are able to transform from their ordinary selves into the character that they want to be. This book is a celebration of that transformation, and looks at the fascinating world that Cosplayers inhabit.

Whether adopting the persona of a favourite superhero, anime or manga character, science fiction fantasy, video game hero or heroine, television icon, pop culture pinup, or something altogether unique, Cosplayers are encouraged to display individuality and creativity. Their costumes are often handmade, and painstakingly put together to represent the style of their muse. These devoted fans spend hours working at sewing machines and drawing boards, creating the ultimate outfit in an act of dedication. The weaponry, armour, elaborate headpieces and flowing gowns are created from a variety of materials and fabrics, and, along with wigs, contact lenses and strong makeup, are able to transform the Cosplayers into unique fan replicas.

Featuring over 200 images from the best Cosplay photographers in the world, this book provides a wonderful visual feast of some of the best costumes you will ever see. The attention to detail is extraordinary and the Cosplayers look absolutely amazing. You will be stunned at how intricate some of the costumes are, and even if you’re not a big fan of some of the ‘genres’, you will likely recognise and admire the efforts that have been made to replicate certain characters.

Cosplay is definitely a unique experience. After reading the interesting interviews and viewing the spectacular photos in this book, you’re bound to have a strong appreciation for the dedication, creativity and fun that thrives in this somewhat unusual world.

Rating: 4/5
Published: July 2015


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