Christmas Editions From Childrens Series

Christmas Editions From Childrens Series

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Sometimes the authors of well-known children’s books decide to write a ‘spin-off’ or two to celebrate the Christmas season, either adding it to their series or creating a stand-alone book featuring the characters from that series.

Here are a few of those books…

A Faraway Tree Adventure In Santa Claus’s Castle –Enid Blyton

When Saucepan Man visits the children at home and tells them that Toyland will be at the top of the Faraway Tree the next day, there is much excitement. Along with Saucepan Man, Silky and Moon-Face, Joe, Beth and Frannie head off to this wonderful land, hoping to collect plenty of toys for Christmas, which is fast approaching.

But what they find there is not what they expected at all.

After a little bit of mischief and some miscommunication, the friends find themselves turned into toys, and only Santa Claus can change them back! Will they be able to get to Santa Claus’s castle (with the help of some new friends) or are they destined to live as toys forever?

Rating: 3/5
Published: October 2016

Hetty Feather’s Christmas – Jacqueline Wilson (Illustrated by Nick Sharratt)

Hetty Feather is a young girl who lives in the Foundling Hospital during the Victorian period. Recognised by her flaming red hair and fiery attitude, she often gets into trouble with the horrid Matron Bottomly, who loves nothing more than to punish the children for their behaviour.

But kind-hearted Miss Smith- the governor of the establishment- luckily favours young Hetty, often sneaking her treats. One of these treats include the delivery of an unexpected Christmas present from her mother, who works as a servant far away. Hetty is delighted with the gift, but this soon sparks jealousy and then trouble among the other girls, and before she knows it, Hetty is in hot water once more with Matron Bottomly. Luckily Miss Smith comes to her rescue and whisks her away to enjoy Christmas as the rich people do- opening up an entire new world to Hetty. Making new friends, and experiencing new foods and games, this could be Hetty Feather’s best Christmas yet!

This Christmas edition will delight fans of the series- besides the story, this book also includes information about a Victorian Christmas, tips on how to wrap presents, a Christmas quiz, a gingerbread recipe and some art and craft activities.

Rating: 3/5
Published: October 2017


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