Christmas Books For Cheeky Kids

Christmas Books For Cheeky Kids

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Santa, I Can Explain – Heath McKenzie

You know when you do one tiny thing and then everything just spirals out of control from there?
That’s exactly what happens to the little boy in this picture story book.

It may look as though he is snooping in his sister’s room, looking for Christmas presents, but really, he’s just trying to work out the perfect present for her. Unfortunately, a little accident means that he creates a domino effect which creates a lot of mayhem and results in a much larger Christmas gift shopping list! Will he be put on Santa’s naughty list? Or will his explanation be enough to save him?

The fun storyline in this book is sure to amuse the kids, especially with the clever illustrations that accompany the text. This is perfect for the kid who always has a ready excuse for their mischief.

Rating: 3/5
Published: September 2017

The Christmas Peg – Cameron Williams (Illustrated by Matthew Martin)

Wal always tries to be good but sometimes he can’t help it and he ends up being naughty. When he ends up on Santa’s Naughty List and is given a peg rather than the flying helicopter he wanted, he is really upset and tries his best throughout the next year to be good. But will he be able to change his habits and get himself off Santa’s Naughty List in time for Christmas?

This story, about receiving the worst Christmas present ever, is a kindly reminder to children to always try to behave throughout the year if they want to be on Santa’s Good List on Christmas Day. Otherwise who knows what kind of disappointing present (if any) they might receive? Wal’s reactions are quite typical and most children will want to avoid facing the same scenarios that he does.

Rating: 2.5/ 5
Published: October 2017


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