Books About The Nativity For Christmas

Books About The Nativity For Christmas

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The Story Of Christmas – Illustrated by Helen Dardik

This larger-sized board book, which tells the nativity story, is brightly illustrated and a lot more accessible to younger audiences than the usual religious-themed stories that come out around Christmas. It tells the story from the angel’s appearance at Mary’s side (telling her of her impending pregnancy) and, unlike other similar stories, continues on past Jesus’ birth to a page explaining that Jesus grew up and people started celebrating his birth on December 25, calling it Christmas. The last page links his story to the familiar sight of a family gathered around a Christmas tree, thus cementing the link to life today (which many of these books surprisingly don’t do). The padded cover makes it appear slightly more gift-like than your average board book.

Rating: 3/5
Published: November 2017

Make & Play Nativity – Joey Chou

More of an activity book than a storybook, this is perfect if you want to create your own little cardboard Nativity scene. All of the relevant people (as well as some animals, the manger and trees) feature at the start of the book- printed onto double-sided thick cardboard. You can then press these out and slot them together to create 3D characters. A short and simplified version of the Nativity story follows, as well as some Christmas song lyrics and the instructions to make a Christmas star, angel and advent calendar. This book is perfect for busy little hands who want to recreate the traditional Christmas story.

Published: October 2017

The Christmas Book – Dick Bruna

The Dutch creator of the popular rabbit character Miffy has turned his hand to the Christmas nativity story in this sweet book. Featuring his familiar simple illustrations, he tells the story of Jesus in Bethlehem, and the visits he receives from the shepherds (after angels appear to them) and the wise men (after they follow a shining star). With a muted colour pallet and easy to read text, this will make a great addition to your nativity storybook collection.

Rating: 3.5/ 5
Published: December 2014


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