Better Call Saul

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When you think of the hit television show Breaking Bad, the main characters of Walter White and Jesse Pinkman immediately spring to mind. But anybody who has watched the show will know that there were just as many secondary characters that gained notoriety for their actions and personalities, thus contributing to the series’ overall success. Unhinged criminals such as Fring and Tuco, bumbling fools like Badger and Skinny Pete, law enforcement officials like Hank and Gomez, and numerous other characters all vied for the viewer’s attention, often winning their own followers in fan forums.

One secondary character, however, has managed to outdo all the others, even being so lucky as to score his own spin-off television series.

Yes, Saul Goodman- the sometimes seedy, always witty, morally dubious lawyer with a heart of gold who took on most of Walter’s and Jesse’s problems, and ended up going into ‘witness protection’ as a result. Not only has Saul (played by the talented Bob Odenkirk) gotten his own television show as a result of his popularity on Breaking Bad, but he has also managed to have a small fan gift book published too. “!” The World According To Saul Goodman provides plenty of information about everybody’s favourite ‘criminal lawyer’- from finding the loopholes in any criminal case, to flamboyant dressing in the courtroom. The book also delves into the most legal ways to follow a shady path and the benefits of ‘knowing a guy who knows a guy’. Fans of the show will also be amused to see examples of Saul’s outrageously tacky print ads (which are just as ridiculous as the low-budget television ads that are screened on the show), and enjoy reading short profiles about some of the people in Saul’s life, including his ‘hired hand’ Mike, his incompetent bodyguard Huell, and his formidable secretary Francesca.

This is a fantastic little book for fans of Breaking Bad and “!” . But whether it’s for you or someone else, make sure that the recipient of this book has seen the entire series of Breaking Bad first, otherwise they may get an unexpected spoiler.

Rating: 3/5
Published: December 2014


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