A Is For Asteroids Z Is For Zombies by Paul Lewis

A Is For Asteroids Z Is For Zombies by Paul Lewis

Posted 2018-07-18 by Catherine Van Bergenfollow

Over the years there have been several ‘children’s’ books released that have appealed more to an adult audience. You may remember the clever Go The F*k To Sleep, famously narrated by Morgan Freeman, and its sequel You Have To F*king Eat. Then of course there are the parody versions of well-loved children’s books that have more of an adult theme, some of which I have reviewed previously (see http://acomfychair.com/classic-kids-books-parodied/ ).

This book fits into the first category- it isn’t a play on an already known book. Instead, this original story lists (in rhyming format) an A-Z of possible apocalypse scenarios that could happen one day in the future, if you’re inclined to believe it.

Timmy has just been tucked into bed and tells his Daddy that he is concerned about the end of the world. Hoping to sooth him and allay his fears, Daddy uncovers a grim book given to Timmy by twisted Aunt Dorcas, which he hopes will provide all the answers to Timmy’s worries about end times and zombies. With each letter of the alphabet comes a potential threat to human existence, all wonderfully illustrated in grey-scale cartoons (with a splash of red here and there). The only exception to this colour-palate rule is the letter T, which also features orange and yellow (“T is for Trump, The Donald of doom. He’ll paint your head orange and then nuke your room!”). Timmy’s Daddy also features on each of these pages in a little circle- with his facial expressions in each conveying how he feels about all this impending doom. By the end of the alphabet, Timmy is fast asleep, and Daddy looks as though he is going to need some serious therapy…

This is a great gift book for all those naysayers out there who believe the end of the world is nigh. It is funny, topical (as you can see by the above reference to Donald Trump), cleverly written, and may offend at least one person that you know. I probably wouldn’t recommend reading it to an actual child, but for adults, it is good for a laugh.

Rating: 4/5
Published: October 2017


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