4 Books About Nail Art

4 Books About Nail Art

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In recent years, nail art has become a pretty big thing in the world of fashion. Stars like Katy Perry, Lily Allen, Rihanna, and even Snoop Dogg have had their fingernails manicured, decorated and photographed for all to admire. Luckily, you don’t need to be famous (or have your own manicurist or salon) to achieve similar looks on your own nails.

Below are four books that can help get your nail art inspiration flowing…

DIY Nail Art – Catherine Rodgers

Catherine Rodgers is best known for her popular nail art channel on YouTube, Totally Cool Nails, and now she has released a book so that you can get all of her pretty designs in one package. There are 75 different designs in this book, and all feature easy step-by-step instructions, and colour photographs. In terms of ease of use, this book is a winner- you can’t go wrong if you follow each step exactly as it is shown. Furthermore, the designs are both eye-catching and on-trend, which means that your nails will be centre stage in no time!

Nails, Nails, Nails! – Madeline Poole

Like the one above, this book also features colour photographs with instructions, although there are less designs to choose from (only 25). Unlike the book above, some of the designs in Nails, Nails, Nails! use other materials besides nail polish to achieve the looks- lace, glitter and crystals are added to some of the designs to create a 3D effect. This book was produced by a nail stylist from LA whose designs have featured in Teen Vogue and the New York Times, so you’re guaranteed that she knows what she’s doing when it comes to nail art trends.

The Hand Book: A Guide To Nail Art – Chelsea Bagan & Anna Ross

Trophy Wife Nail Art is a salon located in Richmond, Victoria, and they are well-known for their elaborate and eye-catching designs. This book (so far only available for sale from their online shop) features 15 pretty designs that you can easily do at home. This book is bright, fun and detailed, and while it’s quite expensive for the amount of designs you get ($29.95), it’s well worth it to support a local business and a couple of girls who are making a name for themselves in the nail art industry.

The Wah Nails Book Of Nail Art – Sharmadean Reid

WAH Nails is a hip London salon who specialise in urban, cutting-edge nail art designs. In this book, Sharmadean Reid, the founder of the popular nail bar sets out 25 cool designs for you to copy at home. Although the projects are pretty awesome, and the layout of the book is quite edgy, the instructions in this book aren’t as well laid out as they are in the others above. While there is quite a lot of text detailing what to do, there are no photographic instructions, which means that the designs may be a little bit harder to replicate in real life.


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