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Does the size of a book put you off reading it?

by VerityG (follow)
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Photo via VerityG

Does the size of a book put you off reading it? If a book is very long or very heavy, would you still read it or would you choose something else more manageable to read?

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Top Answers
The camera tells no lies..... all three books in my photo have been eagerly purchased, with me looking forward to reading them then...... I have been put off by the size as they are hard to hold and read for any length of time and also the length of the novel as I think that by the time I have reached the middle I will have forgotten the beginning!
I recently downloaded A Suitable Boy on my Kindle and managed to read it on there but I did have to go constantly back and forth to remind myself what had happened earlier in the narrative!
I have to admit that if it's a particularly large (thick) novel, I'll probably pass. Most of my reading is done in bed and thick books aren't easy to handle. Because I don't have a particularly long attention span I like anthologies or short novels. A kindle might change that but so far I've resisted owning one.
I've always liked collections of short stories :)
I resisted a Kindle too but got given one recently. So far I've only used it to read A Suitable Boy but it was very handy when out and about - it took up a lot less space in my handbag than a paperback! So when I've read all the books currently waiting on my shelves, I might try downloading another novel on the Kindle.
It depends on what mood I'm in at the time. Sometimes all I want is a short story while at other times I prefer something like in the picture above.

I can totally relate to buying these quite large books though and never getting around to reading them.
:) I think I have the reading equivalent of "eyes too big for my stomach".....
Yes! Me too. I also have a terrible habit of borrowing/buying/signing up to review far too many at once. I suppose if I have to have an addiction books are a good one to have. At least they're unlikely to kill me.
No I have never had this happen to me.
I love long books. Give me 600 pages of story to pour in to my mind please.
by Ben
Lol Ben! The latest paperback edition of A Suitable Boy is 1504 pages long......
I also read books on my kindle or iPad mostly so length does not equal weight.
by Ben
Yes it does. I have a couple of books on my shelf that I've been meaning to tackle for ages (Jonathon Strange and Mr Norrell and The Luminaries are two that spring to mind) but the size of them puts me off a bit. I have so many books to read, including many I have promised to review, that I hesitate to commit to a very long one. I do love the way a long book can help really immerse you in the world though.
That's true! Usually when I finish a novel, I am reluctant to leave all the characters and their world behind, so a really long story does have the advantage of being with them for longer and, as you say, get really immersed in their world.
It doesn't put me off buying and starting the book...but I have two novels that I have been reading for, literally, months. I'm pretty sure I've been reading the most recent game of thrones for close to a year and I also started reading the most recent Outlander book about 3 months ago. I find that I get distracted and I also find it hard to sit and read for any length of time with 2 toddlers, so it takes me forever to get through anything!
I'm amazed by how much you manage to do, Lizzi! But pleased that you still find time for a little bit of reading for pleasure :)
I used to be an absolute bookworm Verity! I feel a bit sad when I think of all the books I haven't had a chance to read yet - although my mother assures me that I will find the time to catch up on reading in about 15 years LOL
by lizzi
I'm strange and LOVE thick books! I have been known to pick up books in shops because I'm drawn to how long they are.
Lol so you are the one they write them for ;)
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