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Do you read books in other languages?

by Happy Mom (follow)
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foreign language books
Bangla Books on display at our local library

Whether it is your native language or one that you may have learned at school, have you tried reading books in other languages? Is it easier or harder to read in another language?

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Top Answers
When I visited France as a child I used to 'read' the comics, and picked up quite a lot of the language that way, going back to the comics in later years when I was learning the language at school. I did the same thing with my kids - we bought Tin Tin and Asterix in French whenever we went on holiday. Now I'm in Australia I don't get that regular fix of immersing myself in another culture, so I don't have the incentive to read in French. But I teach English as a second language and encourage my students to read English literature - Dickens is a great source of enriching vocabulary! I don't suggest they read the whole book, I just give them a chapter to get the flavour of the language.
I do read books in my native language which is Urdu and I enjoy those. It's a different style/tone than my English books. I also can read French but I have rarely read any books in French except for what was required for my school (a long time ago). However, I must admit that I enjoy reading in English the most. Another point is that I only read prose, as I don't understand poetry at all.
I used to read comic books and short stories in German, but I didn't get as far as novels. My German's a little rusty these days so I haven't in a while. I've tried reading a comic in French too but my French was nowhere near good enough for that yet and I had to look up every other word. I wish I was more fluent since I am sure there are loads of subtle things that get lost in translation.
I can't read any language other than English.
Yes, in German. I was reading a lot in in French too but those we used to live in Europe & we had to use the language for everyday use but with languages' if you don't use it you simply lose it'. Our middle daughter lives in Austria & we keep in touch with some old friends but even then because you don't use it for conversation on dailly basis when you talk to people there you realise that your language proficiency is not the same.But reading German is ' okay' so far . But with French it's just completely gone. I tried a couple times to enroll in a French language course but I sort of gave it up & beside I don't have anyone here to converse French on daily basis . Due to this reason I know it's no use to try & relearn again. But say, tomorrow if I were to go & reside in France I'd pick up the language in no time.You can learn the language really quickly if you go & reside in a country & speak the language on daily basis.
I'm into craft and love the some of the Japanese publications. A lot of direction is done in an illustration type style - so there is no need to know the language.
One of my hobbies is to design and offer free printables for anyone interested in the Maori language/culture. I like to read kids books in the Maori language.
I love to look at French publications for design value.
If only I had the ability. I remember enjoying Lettres de Mon Moulin while at High School, but I would need to do a lot of brushing up to read it today.
Since I grew up in 4 cities in India, I'm well-versed in reading at least in three languages and I can understand the 4th one when spoken. So, to answer the question, Yes.. I read books/magazines in multiple languages.
I'd also learned German and French, part of curriculum, but I've not developed them to the extent of being able to fluently read/write or speak the languages. Regrets!
Not really, maybe a prayer book but nothing more than that.
by Vee
I used to reach french books in school, but I haven't done so in a long time. I own a few french novels but it's been so long since I've read the language I'm worried I may have lost too much to be able to comprehend the writing.
I have occasionally read German books however now, not having spoken it for about 5 years, I would be battling as it would take me too long, and I would get sick of it.
by Finy
No. But spent a month in Austria with non-English speaking people, so my school-girl German came in handy! At least was able to read various things there!
Can still watch a German-speaking TV show & not need the 'sub-titles'! Yay!

But haven't read anything in German since, as had had enough of it after a month! My head hurt!
Funnily, for a little while after my return, I was speaking English, but with German grammatical context!
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