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Do you always finish reading a book?

by Maria (follow)
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There's often times we don't finish reading books, whether it be that we have lost interest in the story or we just don't have the time.

Do you always finish reading a book? If you do decide to stop reading it, do you ever come back to it at a later date and try read it again?

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Top Answers
Sometimes I don't finish a novel. If I find it boring and can't 'get into it' I don't force myself to finish it. I wouldn't come back to it at a later time and try again. With non-fiction I may skim read it or read only a few chapters relevant to what I want to know. If it's not as useful as I expected I will stop reading.
I used to feel guilty if I didn't finish a novel. Now I have decided that life is too short to read things I don't enjoy and if I really don't want to keep reading I don't.
Even if I don't like a book, I feel an obligation to finish it, but I usually skim read it, and not a lot of the information goes in.
I might start a book, then get distracted by another when I'm only halfway through the first- that's why I always have about 3 or 4 books on the go! I'm kind of like Bryony though, because I also feel an obligation to finish a book once I've started reading it. I usually go back and try to finish it (even if I have to re-read parts just to remember what happened earlier!)
No, if the book is bad I won't go any further.
Time is too hard to get back.
I can't stand 'dribble' and some books are full of it.
I get to 'what I think will be a good point, and the writer has let me down''.

It comes from reading books all the way through, then feeling very upset with doing it because I have invested into something that did not deliver.
I have spent money on the book, and have been left with nothing.

Some folk don't get much time to read, so that's really the big turn off for me....If it doesn't produce after some pages, then that's it.
Good bye book!
Aah, do you mean 'drivel', jonaj? It would take much for a book to make me 'dribble'! Lol!
by donjo
Depends on how much the book is gripping me. If it's boring I could be reading something more worthwhile.
No, no I do not!
And I still have a few on the shelf I haven't opened. Although I did only purchase them last month.
When I have a few books on the go, I read some of one and sometimes abandon the other! To go back to it quite some time later.
sometimes the book has to be very interesting
sometimes the book has to be very interesting
I'm EXTREMELY 'picky' when it comes to BUYING a book!
After all, it's my hard-earned money paying for it, so I choose very, very carefully!

Fortunately, I know what I want, so there's not a problem!

Library books are borrowed on the premise of a review or recommendation from someone. If I can't 'get into it' by end of the first chapter, it's back to the Library's 'drop chute' for it!

Sometimes I just do a 'Clayton's read' ie the reading of a book, when you don't have a read of it! This is done by reading, if 'plot' worthy, of just the First & then, the final Chapter. If liked, will read book from Chapter II, if not, same fate as above!
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